Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What day is it today?

Today is the day when Shalini completes a 5K! Yeppers! I ran my usual 2 miles, and then decided to walk the rest of the distance. 5 minutes in, and I was ready to run again! And I did, right to the end of 3.1 miles. Jenni gave me some tips to go longer, and now I can! The key is to go slow. I took 41 minutes, though. This isn't ideal. Most athletes would do it in under 30 minutes. Once I get used to running this distance, I'll improve my mileage. But today, I'm happy! Thank you, Jenni!

Jenni and I are going to run a 5K race in April. We live close to each other. She has already done (atleast) one, and asked if I was up to it. Sure am! The race is Stupid Little 5K I just looked at the course photos, and boy, it has quite a few up-hills. But the view is beautiful.

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Jenni said...

Don't get scared! Those hills are on the 10 mile course. The 5k is suppose to be pretty flat.

And don't worry about speed, that will come with time. If you try to speed up now, all you'll get for your efforts is shin splints. I've cut 7 minute off my 3.5 route just by sticking to it and going slow.