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Make Nine progress - 3 down

This year I am participating in the #2018makenine challenge. Previous post on this here. I picked nine items I have been wanting to make but did not have enough specific plans and kept putting off. I was hoping these were going to be things I would love wearing and that would work with my capsules made last year. It is time to reflect upon how the sewing is going and whether the plans are working out. I have thus far made 3 of the 9 items. 

Here is my inspiration collage. 

#1 - Sherpa Vest - I used Designer Stitch pattern - Ilse vest to make this vest. I love the way the material feels. I am new to vest wearing and clearly, I have been missing out! The only thing is the belt is a pain to have to tie without a mirror. I am planning to add a button closure and then I will be able to wear this everywhere. 

#2 - Harem pants - I used another Designer Stitch Pattern - Indu pants for these! Previous post on this is here. I love wearing them all the time! This whole outfit with the matching D…

Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest entries

Pattern Review contest has now ended and voting is underway. I ended up making all the collages to show the various wearing opportunities. My entry is here if you wish to take a look. Links in this blog post lead you to my pattern reviews on

"This is my entry for the 2018 wardrobe contest. It is my first time entering the contest at Pattern Review. I decided to make a vacation capsule for my upcoming beachy vacation in June. My hope was to have a few mix and match pieces that I can wear on vacations and travel light. Having to enter the contest meant that I have sewn and photographed everything, and I am now ready way in advance. 

My contest entries are as follows -
Bottoms -
McCall 7606 SkirtI love the petal shaped skirt. They are so in style right now. This was the first item I made for this contest and then later decided to add a matching top. The top and skirt together give off the look of a wrap dress and I LOVE it!

Simplicity 1887 ShortsThis shorts came out cu…

Harem Pants accomplished!

It has been a long time desire of mine to make or buy a pair of harem pants but something or the other has stopped me. I never found the one I liked, no pattern appealed to me so far, and I was skeptical of how they would look on my short curvy shape. When Ann from Designer Stitch floated an inspiration picture that she was planning to draft, I signed up instantly! The picture reminded me of Indian patiyala salwaar style that I have always loved.

Well, I gave it a go and I have made 2 pairs and worn them back to back for days! Presenting the Indu pants by Designer Stitch.

What makes them super fun is the shape and also the multiple wrapping opportunities to keep changing the look! I love them loose on the sides though I also like to tuck one side to the center and one side loose. Aanya calls them "Jasmine pants" and Mehul thinks they're some sort of a rocket shape. Even hubby loves them and wants me to make more :)

For the Black pair, I picked a rayon spandex border prin…