Sunday, January 28, 2007

Trying Something New..

A new recipe. I tried it yesterday and it turned out yummy. It will appear here after I make a recipe card ;) I figure I have to get started on that recipe booklet, so I'll keep trying new recipes and making cards and sharing them here too.
*If you're a scrapper and have any links to recipe kits, please feel free to share*

A new style of layout. I have been in a rut. Haven't tried anything new in a while. Once I got comfortable with a style, I adopted it as my style. It works. I can now churn out a layout in less than an hour. But I need to try new things so today I *did*. I'm thoroughly impressed with many scrappers and how cool their seemingly messy style is! Yenny comes to mind, though there are others whose names I don't remember, but I do identify their styles.
So this is what I came up with. I sort of did it in the Go layout before, but this is far messier. LOL! Long list of credits here. Any feedback is appreciated :)

Sweet Loving You

Jouraling is sweet little things about him :)

Following are by Lori Wiley of Diamante Designs. Available at

Background Paper: Valentine February Sampler
Heart: Valentine February Sampler
Knotted Ribbon: Life's Little Moments Collection ~ Tender Thoughts
Silver Brad: LLM ~ Tender Thoughts
Felt Flowers: LLM ~ Tender Thoughts
Journal Paper: Vintage Flaire
Staple: LLM ~ Believe
Photo Corner: Vintage Flaire
Sweet Loving You Wordart: LLM ~ Tender Thoughts
Screw head: LLM ~ Mystical Moments
Florish Brush: Be Free
Spiral Brush: TDS Valentine Mega Kit
Stamp behind photo: Vintage Flaire Alpha
Boy Alpha: Rubbed Alpha
Tape Measure: Grandma's Closet

Others credits-
Both Frames: Jen Wilson Messy Brushes
Hanging Tag: Michelle Coleman
Stitching: Gina Miller
Distressing Brushes: Nancie's Digital Distressing Kit
Font: Carpenter

Some of my CT layouts would still be the same old style, but that's ok. I can always do more just for me (and I always do)


SteinwaysMom said...

I like it - know what you mean about getting in a rut, esp when you get on CT's and have to do Lo's. Well I think the experiment was very successful!

Sene said...

It's different, and it's nice!!