Friday, January 12, 2007

Losing my mind

Something is up. I am being more absentminded than usual. Day before yesterday, I didn't notice my boss had sent me a meeting invite. I didn't notice it because the way I've set up my inbox, his mails go into his folder, and it wasn't expanded. It doesn't show new mails in the main inbox folder. I keep checking my mail throughout the day. Didn't expand, didn't notice. Thank goodness, I was in on time and was able to attend it. It was an all day event, started at 9:30, ended at 5:30. Gahhhh!

Also, day before yesterday, I show up at the daycare to pick up M. We have to enter our password and check him in/out for the door to open. When I tried to check him out, it errored out, saying that he's already checked out. I just didn't read what it said, and since there were people behind me, I decided to checkout on my way out. The door was opened by someone and I entered. His teacher Jessy was going to use the bathroom and she saw me and said she'll be there in a minute. I went to his room, he wasn't there. I checked with the other teachers there, and asked if Jessy's class was here (sometimes they're at the gym at this time). They're supposed to be here. Mild panic sets in. Jessy came running and told me my husband has already taken him, and she forgot to tell me earlier. I think, okay, he must have gotten off early and taken him. But why didn't he tell me? My cell phone was off (battery out, I don't recharge it like I should) so he must be trying to call me. Okay, I think of going to Costco to pick up the prints I had given the previous day. Get into my car and then realize, it is HIS turn to pick M up, and also that I had given him the Costco receipt to get the prints THAT MORNING!! I just forgot that I had dropped him off in the morning, and he was going to pick him up!
Yesterday, I excused myself from the meeting around 4:00 to call DH and tell him to pick M up because I'm still in the meeting. He told me he was just going to go. And then he said "You forgot again!! It's my turn again. You dropped him off." I said, no, that I was just reminding him to pick him up. LOL! Nah. He didn't buy that :p

Anyhow, I wasn't able to run much yesterday because of the meeting at work. I only got 2 miles as I had 45 minutes to get down to the gym, change, run, shower, dress up, and heat my lunch and bring to the meeting. If it wasn't for the 100 miles by April 1st challenge, I'd have skipped yesterday for sure!

I haven't shown a Layout in a while. Here is one I did with Sophia Sarducci's stuff.

Niagara Falls

Journaling: May 2002. We were just about to go for the Maid of the Mist tour when this picture was taken. The view from the top of the tower was amazing. And the air was cold, even in May. I hadn't brought any jacket with me, and had to buy one on our first day there.

Everything except stitching is from Sophia Sarducci Panty Drawer kit here
Stitching by Christine Nash

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