Sunday, January 07, 2007

Really Nice Day, But What Does It Mean?

Yesterday was such a nice day here in D.C. We had recordbreaking high temperature. 73F!! Apparantly, the headline in Delhi newspapers was, 22C in Wahington DC, and 4C in Delhi in January! What's going on?

We (along with the rest of DC, VA, MD residents) made the most of it. We decided to take Mehul to a petting zoo near our place. We have never been, and (I) got really excited at the sight of Ostrich, Lamas, and many more animals. Got to the gate, and realized it was closed for the season! I can't blame them. It's not usual for people to want to visit the petting zoo in the midde of winter! As we were leaving, we saw atleast 3 cars stop by! Really a bummer. But it's really only 15 minutes from our home, so it's no big deal. We'll certainly go back.

So, we decided to go to Great Falls State Park. The Potamic river runs through the middle of it, and forms a sort of waterfall. We just love going there. Saw some people were having BBQ there. Unusual sight for January!

Some pictures (and a rare one of me!)

Between yesterday and today, I have ran around 4 miles, and hiked 2 (at Great Falls). Yes!! I figure to complete my 100 miles in less than 90 days, I have to do more than a mile a day. I'm behind!


Sene said...

Wow!! Great pics!!

Erin said...

Look at you, all posing like a model. LOL! Really, they're all great pictures, especially the one of M. I had no idea there was such a place near DC. Might have to check it out, if I ever get up there again. One day....

Buddhini said...

beautiful pictures.... hope you had a great time :)