Saturday, June 28, 2008

Peacock Update

I posted it over at the Peacock StitchAlong Blog. Thanks to Taneya for directing me to it. It's coming along.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Something I have neglected to mention here is that we've had a landscaper plant some Cypress trees in the backyard. They are planted in such a way to provide a privacy screen from the back and side neighbor. The back neighbor contributed with us and got the same thing done for his backyard as well. So essentially, we have 2 rows of trees alternating in the back where our backyards meet, and a row on the side. A picture would describe it very well but I don't have the heart to put that up..

..because many of the trees are turning brown and dying. DH and I are so disappointed and just heartbroken. We've spent a huge amount of money on these. The neighbor is also involved into it. General consensus is it is from lack of water. We have been watering them pretty regularly since we noticed the problem. But our landscaper had repeatedly advised *against* watering them because the ground was soggy from rain. I had asked him repeatedly how often should we water, how much water they need, what do we need to do they're turning brown. The guy doesn't have a clue. From reading online, I know he planted them incorrectly and on top of that gave us wrong advice. It's all a mess. People are saying get a full refund for such a crappy job but I don't see him paying anything back. We got an year's guarantee but I will be elated if I see any trees getting replaced. I have a bad feeling about this whole thing.

We've been stressed about this pretty much entire week. Last weekend was pretty busy with the get togethers and a party. This weekend is looking the same. We have been invited for dinners on Friday and Monday, and I have invited someone for Saturday night. Sunday looks free rightnow but I'm sure something will come up. Summers are always so busy. Everyone likes to get together. But at this point I just want to hide in a hole and not come out. I don't feel like socializing at all. But it's too late to call of anything.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Did something about the Hydrangea-induced-guilt

I moved them. Originally when I had planted them in the front (North), I thought they'd only get morning sunshine and afternoon shade. Wrong. I noticed over the last weekend (I was home for about 4 days - read on) that they were getting pretty strong afternoon sun. Anyone who has planted Hydrangeas knows that most varieties don't do well in afternoon sun. In spring, they did fine because the sun wasn't as high in the sky so the front was shaded by the surrounding houses in the evening, the temperatures were low and everything was great. Summer sun is not the same. Novice gardener mistake :) Of the 3 Hydrangeas in the front, I've moved 2 to the east side bed. These two were the ones that always wilted. The third one is still in the front as I have no place to move it and it seems to be liking it where it is. I don't know what's different about it. The two I moved are liking it better where they are now.

I was home friday through monday. Not for fun, mind you. I was taking some training for work and decided Friday would be a good time for taking the test to get certified. Home is much quieter than my desk and for taking the test I needed quiet and no disturbances. So that was friday (I passed - 95% and 83% for the two tests). Because I was home, I didn't realize there was no power at work since the afternoon. Monday morning my boss called me to tell me to stay at home until further notice because the power was still gone. Network was down, and no AC. The network came back around 11 but still no AC so we stayed put. Back to normal routine from Tuesday.

Anyhow, now I'm looking for other plants for the front. I might just get some annuals and be done for this year. I'm bummed because I really wanted Hydrangeas in the front.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


I loved hydrangeas the first time I saw them in a picture. I think the first time I saw them in person was at the National Zoo. This spring, I planted a few in my front garden and 2 in the east side bed. The side Hydrangeas are pink, front are blue. They might change their color as they figure out the pH of the soil, but for now I have 2 different colors. LOVE them! They drink a lot of water. Some days when I come home, they're starting to wilt and as soon as I get them some water, they become all hydrated and happy. I feel guilty of making them thirsty and not being home to take care of them. Sigh. Who knew plants could make you feel guilty? LOL

Here they are in the front-

Tiny but full of blooms!

Side bed-

Today is Mehul's last Soccer practice. He's getting better at it. I don't know what we'll enroll in next, if anything. I don't like scheduling too much. Just one game on Saturday afternoon seemed to take over entire day, specially because it was in the middle of the day. We missed one day of practice only and that was when we visited the National Zoo. I think weeknight session might work better for us.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I'm about to leave from work in 5 minutes so this will be very short. Few of my roses are blooming! I'm in love :) Few are not yet blooming and I will be very patient with them. The red one is my most favorite ever. No, the pink one. The yellow! I love them all. I was stupid and didn't label them as I planted them. I know many are Hybrid Tea roses and one is 'Peace' Hybrid Tea. That's all I remember. I'll try to do better next time I plant a rose!
I have also planted some Flower Carpet roses and some Double Knockouts that aren't blooming yet. The Hybrid Teas were the first to get planted.