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Back in the groove

So he's back and our life is normal and sane again. I am sewing a handbag today and soon we'll be painting the powder room. There shall be pictures soon..
Is it over yet?

The week. It has been long and draining. Both due to him being away and work being double intensive. Mehul is being very good for the most part. He's at his best behavior with fewer meltdowns than I can remember since he turned 3. I have to ponder what is different now and why it is happening later.

I am doing two projects at the same time, I'm the developer for Project #1 and it is in the phase where everyone puts their code together and someone tries to run it for the first time. You can imagine what happens next. Everything is broken and I need to fix things as they find them. I like doing this usually.

For Project #2, I am the lead person and hence have most of the responsibility for writing the functional requirements, design, coordinate everyone else's input as needed and get it out the door to the client. I hate the coordinating part. Also, since it's going on alongwith the Project#1, it is getting hard to concentrate on the design when I'm hav…
On my own for a week

DH is away on training for an entire week. This is the first time he's gone away EVER! I am handling it ok so far. Mehul is missing him greatly and keeps hoping daddy will show up at home or come down the stairs or his car will be in the garage...which it is because he didn't take it. I keep explaining to him that he'll be back in 6 days. We did goodbyes at the airport when we dropped him off but he's not understanding it. Sigh. It's only been a day.
I think I should stick a chart at the refrigerator with days he can cross off.

I made another skirt yesterday but I ran out of elastic so couldn't finish it. It's made of stretchy Jersey Knit fabric and looks awesome. And then I prepared the pattern for a flared-bottom PJ pant. I should have finished them up today as I got the elastic but had to go for a HOA meeting. There is a fall party being planned at the neighborhood and it will be held of DS's birthday and it's a big one. Comple…
My Olympic Start

The center design and the borders done so far are all from My Aunt's Attic. I had downloaded a bunch of designs from them and decided to make up a sampler for it. I graphed an approximate design outline just to get an idea of the size and then started it while watching the opening ceremony. I cut the fabric to 25"x25" with design area of 18"x18". About midway through the center design, I had the bright idea of adding a set of borders as a 'platform' on which the vase is sitting. Once I stitched a bunch borders, I wanted 'steps' instead of the flat platform. So, as you can see, I'm making it up as I go ;) The leaves border is the bottom stair. I might add another row under it. The design is completely different from the original I had planned but that's the fun part! So far, I've added a smaller vase on the bottom step on left side and will do the same on the right. This picture is from a few days ago. I don't know…
Rakhi, Independence Day and Teej

First off, today is Indian Independence Day - so Happy Independence Day to any Indians out there. Tomorrow is Rakhi. It is the festival of celebrating the bond between brothers and sisters. I have talked about it before so I won't go into details. I just wanted to show a picture of the Rakhis that have arrived for DH and Mehul!

So, tomorrow morning before breakfast, I'll be proxy-sister to both of them and tie their rakhis :LOL

Next up, Teej is on Tuesday. That is the day when I get to fast until moon-rise, dress up in nice clothes and perform rites for the moon. I will be home this time. It is too stressful trying to work and get back home in time to prepare for the evening. I will be working because there are project deadlines but it's ok as long as I'm home.

Now for some stitching. My first Biscornu. I skipped the bead in the center. I like it this way.

Sorry for the hurried list - Michael Phelps is on in a few minutes. There is a spec…

Thanks for your comments. Here are the promised pictures.



Fuzzy picture of me wearing the Apron

Pants. Taken at a weird angle.