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Showing posts from October, 2012

Yarn dyeing

I have recently gotten into yarn dyeing. It is so satisfying to see color being taken up immediately by yarn. It's kinda like magic :) Love love love it.

This tonal purple was my first ever dye project. I love the variations that came up automatically. I followed this tute. This will probably be longies for Aanya.

This one is just sooo lovely. I love the bright colors. I painted the yarn using foam brush and went over every bit. Fun! The green one was done using low water immersion technique. These will likely be a tunic for Aanya.

I have to finish knitting my current project which would hopefully be done today and then I can try these out. I'm all out of bare yarn to dye and have to wait for more to arrive this week. Dreaming up new colorways!

Another coat

I'm busting through my todo list. Here's another coat on the list that can be crossed off now.

She loves it!!

Also finished knitting the Bliss top/dress. I had started knitting the top on our trip to Myrtle beach this summer. Did a whole lot of knitting on the beach and made a lot of progress then slowed way down. Now I picked it again and off to the finish line. This will be used in the spring and summer. It is blocking today.

New coat

Newest coat for Aanya. It is courdroy outer and cotton lining. I love to wear coats and love them on her even more. Makes an outfit look so sharp. Here is the latest.