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Working on my shorts muslin

I'm working on my shorts muslin for the Wardrobe contest. The pattern I have selected is something that has been in my stash for a while. I never even took it out of the envelope because I was afraid of what I call 'smile wrinkles'. 

They are the wrinkles that form in the front and back crotch areas indicating there is a problem somewhere. So far, I thought my full tummy was a problem and it was not suited for a cute pattern like this, meaning I shouldn't wear cute shorts. WRONG! I have always noticed my RTW shorts ride up in the back, the side seams swing backwards giving a 'duck butt' kind of appearance. It happens to skirts as well but not to that degree. Also, my shorts inseams tend to 'walk upwards' when I move around. 
I have been working on resolving the wrinkling problem since the beginning of January. Remember, this is the Year of the Pant for me? I want well fitting pants so I've been at it pretty much any chance I get. Here I'm showi…
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1-2-3 Contest Progress

As soon as I started making the garments for the pattern review contest (previous post on this here), plans changed a little! I have added a different top in matching skirt fabric. I haven't decided which top will be removed from the capsule. So far, the plan is still to make all the tops I had initially decided and then take one out at the end.

Now onto the finishes! I have finished garment #1 and garment #2 for the contest. This was fast because skirt didn't need muslining and top pattern was already tried and true. I did do some hacking for the top but it was relatively straightforward and worked on my first try! That's great because I have very little of this chiffon left. There might be a short cami I can squeeze out of this just to give myself more options :-)

Garment 1 - McCall 7606 Petal Skirt  This skirt is a really simple silhouette and yet, has an impact. I love the way the petals open up to show off the leg. I used a chiffon fabric and it just drapes perfectly! 

Designer Stitch Synthia

It's always a special day when any Designer Stitch pattern I tested is released, but this release is extra special! Synthia top is a very pretty, feminine, and elegant top for work or any occasion. It is also extra special because it has a full page feature in the PatternPages magazine! What's more is my photo is in the magazine among many other Synthia testers. It was really fun to open up the PDF and see my photo in there :-)

I chose a pretty gray chiffon from called 'smoke'. It is semi sheer so I had to wear a cami inside. I love how dainty the sleeves look in this fabric. The drape is perfect for this pattern.

It is no secret that I love ruffles LOL! These sleeve and neckline ruffles are done in a very smart way by Ann in which the whole thing is put together first and then sewn into the neckline in one step. Gives off a very nice finish.

I did my usual adjustments to the top which include shortening the top by 1.5", and also a 1.5" swayback ad…

Kids Buttercup dress and Adults Portia dress

I made our new year dresses out of Simply by Ti's fabrics. Ti has a number of sparkly fabrics in her shop and I got the black sparkle knit to make a holiday dress for Aanya. For me, I liked the leopard ITY fabric which has the perfect drape for the Portia dress. I was so swamped in January that I forgot to share these beautiful dresses! Better late than never!

This was us on the way to New Year Eve party. I made a faux fur shawl to wrap. It was the perfect addition. Love the whole look for both of us!

Little bit better photos of the Rad Patterns buttercup here. This top/dress pattern has become Aanya's favorite because she can spin in it and it's not tight anywhere. She hates tight clothing and just refuses to wear it at all, including jeans! It was a struggle to get her to agree to the tights. I'm pretty sure I bribed her with extra screen time. Shhhh 

The fabric is so pretty with the sparkles. It is subtle and non scratchy which is a must over here. 

My dress was Re…

Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest

I have signed up for the 1-2-3 Wardrobe Contest at It runs from Feb 1 2018-Mar 15 2018 (ETA: updated to reflect correct date). The rules and discussion threads are here. I have some awesome ideas swirling around for making a vacation capsule and this seems like the perfect opportunity to do it! We're going to a resort vacation in summer and I need to make a new swimsuit and resortwear type items to go along with.

I am also doing the 2018 RTW fast which means I can not buy any new clothes this year! Not a problem since RTW never fits me right anyway. The swimsuits fit horrendously due to my height and since I already know what adjustments to make and have actually made well fitting swimsuits before, it is not a problem to whip up a new suit this year! As for pattern, it will most likely be either Supersuit by Rad patterns or Simplicity / Mimi G suit I have made before. Since I've made both before, I am not worried about fitting challenges.

But swimsuit is not…

Sewing Plans for 2018

January has almost flown by and I haven't had a chance to sit down and do a review of previous year nor plans for 2018. This has partially been due to a number of pattern tests I involved myself in the beginning of January and partially due to getting overwhelmed at the prospect of doing a big collage or writeup of everything I did in 2017. I'm not going to do a big collage or writeup :-) A lot of what I made is already on this blog or on the FB sewing album. I do know I sewed through 225 yards of fabric and finished 161 of 170 sewing projects started in 2017. Here is just a small sample of what I made in 2017.

Goals for 2018 are going to be similar. I want to sew at least 150 yards of fabric and make at least 100 projects. I have also picked up my cross stitching WIPs again and have the urge to x-stitch something this year so I likely will. That might cut into sewing time but that's ok! It's about doing what I like and if I happen to cross stitch more this year, that …

Fall/Winter Capsule collection 2017

I finished it!!

My Fall/Winter capsule for 2017 is finally complete! The idea had been floating around in my head since spring when I was working on the Spring/Summer capsule. I really wanted to do a Fall/Winter version because it is so much more fun with the accessories. Finally in late summer I put my ideas together on a page and came up with the following inspiration picture -

And here is my final completed capsule. Some of the items have changed quite a bit but the overall idea is still there. I ended up with a whopping 32 items, not counting accessories! I didn't count shoes and accessories because they are just fun additional pieces and I don't consider them part of my capsule. It is different for everyone, I'm sure. The one thing I really wanted but could not get around to was a trenchcoat. I have a few patterns for it, including D&D luzerne. I will get to it in 2018 for sure!

But what is in this capsule? Well, let's do a count - 4 skirts (2 woven, 2 knit), …