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Week 1: Little Grey Dress

Completed 1/07

Little Grey Dress Pattern

The dress is made of grey fleece from JoAnns. I hand stitched the cowl neck down so I wouldn't need to adjust it all the time. Head fits fine on Aanya. Sleeves are a little bit longer than I'd like but I only noticed it after finishing the dress. Oh well. Next year she can wear it as a tunic. Pleats look way better in person than the picture shows.

Some pictures

I have been getting to know my DSLR little by little after owning it for 5 years. I bought it with the intention of taking awesome memorable pictures of the kids (well, only Mehul at the time). Since it performs well even with the kit lens and on auto, I never bothered to learn it. Now I've decided the time has come so I've taken it off auto. Some of the cute shots from earlier last year.

First post of the year!!

Happy New Year everyone!!

I have the dress finished! Will do a longer post later but I want to post the dress.

Cute tag

Thanks for all the nice comments. They mean a lot to me as I rebuild my blog :) Thanks for visiting. It will be an incentive to me to keep blogging.