Friday, January 19, 2007

Back from the doctors

It's more likely to be a stomach virus and it can take up to 2 weeks to completely go away. It's probably the milk that's upsetting his tummy so much. Milk proteins are difficult to digest when you have a virus apparantly. We've switched him to Soy Milk (recommended by the doctor), and thank goodness he likes the taste. He's really resisting food now. He had a banana right after coming back home, wouldn't eat anything for dinner. Had Apple Juice and Soy Milk. He's sleeping now...

I'm overwhelmed reading this article Indian Americans and the Killer Belly. I was dead shocked when I learned I had Gestational Diabetes with Mehul. I'm not thin or fat, somewhere in the middle. The article says that on an average, Indians get Diabetes and Heart Disease even when they are 30 pounds lighter and 10 years younger than their American counterparts. I never saw it written down before, but it's no surprise. A good friend of mine was diagnosed with Diabetes 8 months after she gave birth to her daughter (she also had GD). Granted, she's more than 30 pounds overweight but she is my age! Another friend has been diagnosed with High Cholesterol, and he is NOT overweight and much younger than DH. He looks thinner than DH. Yet another friend is pre-diabetic.
I am making changes and hoping DH will too. And that was way before I read this article. We'd even decided on getting a Treadmill for home. Guess now is as good a time as ever.
If you're an Indian living overseas, please read the entire article! End of PSA :-)

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Sene said...

You know same is here in Middle East also. Doesn't matter whether you are young, or you are thin, cholesterol, diabetes, and even heart attacks among young people are so common. A friend's friend here in Kuwait died of heart attack at the age of 32. He had 2 small kids, younger one only 10 months....It's really scary...

So sorry to hear about Mehul!! Don't force food. Let him eat what he is eating...Get well soon, Mehul!