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Completely taken!

I'm completely in love with my sewing machine. It was silly to even think I wouldn't know how to operate it. Though there were (are) frustrating moments. First thing I did after opening the package was watch the instructional DVD that came with it. Then, I tried to wind a bobbin. I missed a step and the thread wrapped on the underside of the notch thing that bobbin stands on. Took 20 minutes to clear that up. I could have would 2 bobbins manually in that time LOL!
After that was cleared, I watched the DVD again and found what my problem had been. Fixed it, did the bobbin and threaded the machine. Then I started trying out the stitches. They were kind of loose under the fabric so I had to fix the tension of the thread. There is a dial for that at the top of the machine so that was easily fixable. Changed a bunch of presser feet to try out various stitches. I haven't had success with the buttonhole foot yet though it may have been the button I was using. It w…
How does your garden grow

Upto part6 of the mystery sampler by Papillon Creations.

Also stitched these 2 from Trail Creek Farm - Get them here

I am planning to make these into ornaments (my first ones). My sewing machine is on it's way. I may have found a new hobby! But first, I need to learn how to operate it and fix DH's hems (which is the motivation to buy the machine in the first place).