Monday, January 15, 2007

And it continues...

The absentmindedness continues. Today is a holiday at my company, and I showed up for work :rolleyes. None of my previous employers had MLK Day as a holiday, and generally only the Government Employees get it. I did't bother to check. Imagine my surprise to see a nearly empty parking lot. I did get to the gym at work, and did my 5K. Again. Yay for me! But I still feel stupid.

Moving on, I just finished this 2006 Review layout. I LOVE the colors here. So pretty!

Year 2006

Layout Design is Lifted from Erin's Year in Review
Yellow Background: Meredith Fenwick Faraway
Green Background: Meredith Fenwick Faraway
Red Cutout Paper: Michelle Coleman Writter In The Stars
Circle Stitchig: Diamante Designs Let Yourself Shine
Butterfly: Diamante Designs Let Yourself Shine
Flowers: Michelle Coleman Flowers For Mom
Buttons: Michelle Coleman Savoir Faire
Twisty Tie: Diamante Designs Let Yourself Shine
2006 Alpha: Diamante Designs Felt Alpha
Photo Strips: Michelle Coleman Art Inspiration Collection
Overlay on Yello: Michelle Coleman Bleached Borders from Savoir Faire
Fonts: Bradley Hand ITC and Carpenter


Thermalgal said...

So, does that mean you get both today (MLK Jr Day) and Presidents' Day (Feb 19) both off? ;)

I know that I would have slept in if I had today off. But I love how much more productive I feel when I get up early.

I really like the colors in the layout also. So, much so that I just bought a shower curtain with those colors!

Shalini said...

I meant MLK Day. Oops! It just proves my self diagnosis!

I'm so glad I didn't sleep in! Feeling good about the workout too.

Yeah, Love the colors here. Photos are colorful so it goes well.

Sene said...

Beautiful LO!! Amazing colours....Really matches with the pics!! Absolutely gorgeous!!