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Thanks to Erin, Christine & Sue. Sue, I don't have your email address so I couldn't email you back personally, but thank you. I have been thinking a lot and have come to the conclusion of limiting my exposure to these two. I was already doing that but now that I've talked to DH and written this here and talked to you, it is kind of final. I still go out in the neighborhood but far less now because it's getting colder and well, we're busy! Vacation is coming up and we've been shopping after work most nights. I think I need to treat them like just neighbors, rather than friends. And that's fine.

Thinking back I have realized that I have *never* been talked to like this, and treated like this. Never. Not even in high school. Guess I chose my friends carefully back then! I have always believed that deep down, people are nice. Regardless of the drama with these two, I will continue to believe that. And yes, I'll continue looking for friends :) tho…

There's redecorating going on at home as well as at the blog. I was tired of the pink blog. Red is my current favorite so I decided on this theme. There are good and bad points about this template. The good first -
1. Check out the sidebar. It is AJAX enabled. Cool!
2. I made all the images. Supercool!

1. This uses the classic blogger hence no easy adding of page elements. Meh. It's ok I don't mind editing the html.

I need to figure out the sign in strip at the top. This template was missing that. I've spent entire day on the images. I'm ok with the way they are. Not thrilled, but ok.