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Tangles in the Floss

Don't you hate it when the floss you were working with just fine becomes a tangled mess sometimes. I hate sorting through the tangles. I think of just throwning away the tangles and starting fresh. But with a little perseverance and a little patience, it starts to get untangled. One strand at a time. And then it becomes all straight like it never happened.

Life is like that. One day everything is fine and all of a sudden the tangles start forming. At first, the more you sort, the more it seems to get worse. And then you think of leaving the mess and focus elsewhere. But unlike the floss, you can't just throw away your worries or problems and start fresh. You sort through them. One issue at a time. Most of these things don't matter in the long run anyway. It's just a matter of time and sometimes a change in perspective does wonders.

If you're wondering what prompted me to write this, it's a bunch of different things and nothing in particular. For instance, I read someone's post on a stitching BB I visit that she's having trouble making her child use the potty (kid is Mehul's age), and another from the same poster that the kid's not transitioning well to the Big Boy bed and wants to sleep in the crib. I was worried about these things up until a few months back. My perspective changed when a friend's dear mom commented to me that you don't have to do the things others are doing. This was in regards to M not sleeping in his own room (he has hardly slept 5 nights in his room plus a few naps). I didn't like it when she said it but I didn't say anything ofcourse. Later when I thought about it, it made perfect sense to me. I don't even like it when he's sleeping away in his room because I'm always checking on him and trying to listen if he's crying. We made an unspoken decision that we'd let him sleep with us until he's ready. He's not ready yet and it's ok! I'm not ready either. He's a 2 year old child. Heck, I slept with my parents sometimes when I was 5! I remember that because it wasn't that often. He is growing up as a toddler should. Same goes for Potty Training. Some days he tells us, other days he resists. It's okay. As long as he doesn't go to KG in diapers! My mantra "Let Babies be Babies. They won't stay like this forever!"


Tillie said…
I hear ya! Why force something that isn't hurting anyone! My baby just turned six and he still sleeps with me. It's just the two of us and he talks about sleeping by himself soon. I know he will in his own time. All family dynamics are unique...just as all humans are unique.
Sene said…
Absolutely true! And enjoy this stage of kids till you can. I miss N's toddling stage now. As for sleeping, she still sleeps with us (she is 4). And we love it! It's worth just to see her smile, and get her hugs in the mornings.
Shalini said…
Early Morning snuggles are the best part!!

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