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Powder Room Remodel..Take 1

The freshly minted house keys have not yet cooled down, we're ready to remodel. LOL. Yep. That's us. We are Self Professed Home Improvement Junkis. We had ordered some of the things from Lowe's when we ordered our Refrigerator and Washer/Dryer before we closed on the house. We did have the option of getting the same from the Builder but we did our research and found that we can get it for much cheaper (almost half) the price outside, and get it installed at a fair rate too. So, that's what we're doing. Our very first remodel.

Kohler Pedestal Sink - PortraitKohler Toilet - Portrait
Kohler Pedestal Sink - Portrait(Bisque)Kohler Toilet - Portrait(Bisque)

We have selected the Faucets and accessories too, and will be picking them up this Sunday. (Psst..Lowe's is clearing out it's inventory of a lot of items, so many things will be 50% off this weekend. Check out your store.)

Ok, you want to see pictures of what we've picked, right?

Delta Victorian Lavatory FaucetDelta 2-Light Victorian Vanity
Delta Victorian Lavatory FaucetDelta 2-Light Victorian Vanity
Delta Victorian Toilet PaperDelta Victorian Towerl Ring
Delta Victorian Toilet PaperDelta Victorian Towel Ring
Delta Victorian Double Robe HookDelta Victorian Tank Lever
Delta Victorian Double Robe HookDelta Victorian Tank Lever

I *need* the Robe Hook in the Powder Room. Every room with a toilet should have a hook. I hate it when I need to put my purse, or coat away, I have to put it outside because there isn't a hook in the room. Hate it. It's my house, I can do what I want here, so there :p LOL


Sara said…
You have to make your new house "home." We're already starting to make plans for home improvements too-painting, a deck in the backyard, tile in the master bath. Go for it, you're right you have to live there, might as well like the place:)
Susan in SoCal said…
My brother and his wife have the same toilet and sink in their powder room. (They put them in there after not liking the previous owner's choice.)

Your home is so nice!

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