Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Powder Room makeover...Take 2

The makeover is underway. The plumber installed the Toilet and the Sink last night. It's funny how we got the plumber so quickly. We had not even started looking!

Last week, we had gone to Lowe's to pick up our faucets and things, and we ran into P, who is actually a friend from my neighborhood in Delhi! Her parents house is on the same street as us. She moved to Virginia a year after I moved. We've been meeting since then.

They too have recently bought their Single Family House in VA, and moved a little farther away from us. Anyhow, they were there to look for some stuff for their Basement Bath remodel at their old place that they're renting. They said good things about their plumber. We hadn't even had the time to call anyone or look for a plumber. So, we went that night and met him as he was doing work at their place. Luckily he was available this week. Plus, he's cheap. I like it when things work this way :D

So, he has finished his part, now G will replace the Paper Holder, Vanity Light, Towel Ring, etc. We haven't picked a mirror yet! Also, we don't have the Tank Lever. Lowe's doesn't carry the one from Delta. They have another one from Moen, which might work with this collection, but I want to check out Home Depot or even order online. We are holding off on painting the room rightnow. There is just no time for us to do that!

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