Friday, October 13, 2006

Just Random Stuff

The outside temperature this morning, 38F. Thirty Eight. That is 3C. That is how cold it EVER gets in Delhi! Froze my butt off. Have I mentioned that all my warm jackets are still packed away in a box in the garage somewhere. I wore my jeans jacket today. Brrr.

Mehul is fully transitioned now. He is handling it really well. And me too! I haven't cried even one time! We left him at his new class today. They have rotating schedule for the 2 year olds. Left him at the Computer Lab and he instantly got busy puttering away. Who's child is he afterall! LOL.

This Sunday is our monthly potluck. I offered to make Aloo Gobhi (Cauliflower & Potato side dish). My Pindi De Chole (Chickpeas) last time was a hit. Got a reputation to keep!

We have a lot of unpacking to do this weekend. Apart from Sunday afternoon, we're pretty much free all weekend. There is no Cable or Internet yet, guess we don't have an excuse. LOL

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