Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mehul

We were scheduled for an induction for October 4th, 2004. We were supposed to show up at the hospital, at 8PM the night before, to get us to settle in and start induction. I had Gestational Diabetes and the danger of going over the due date was that of having an extremely big baby. The ultrasound I had at around 36 months put your weight at around 6 lb, not huge by any measure, but these things aren't accurate!

The hospital called us and let us know that there wasn't a bed available yet, so we wouldn't get to go just yet. We waited and waited. Finally, we decided to go to sleep around 10PM. At 11:15, they called and asked if we wanted to come in now, or in the morning at 7. We decided to go. We were ready, bags were packed (for the last couple of weeks actually). The wait was finally over, we were going to the hospital and we would finally get to meet you!

At the hospital, they hooked me up with the monitors and started IV fluids. Told me to relax and take a nap. The induction process was started, and the nurse switched off the lights and went away. I was asleep for I don't know how much time and woke up with weird cramping. Your daddy was asleep on the couch, he was tired and I didn't want to wake him up! After some time when it didn't stop, I decided to not wait any longer and woke him and called for the nurse. She came and checked the monitors, both of our heartbeats were getting lower. She showed some awesomely fast moves, put the breathing mask on me, got all the wires disconnected, and wheeled me very quickly to the Operation Theatre! She told me that your heartrate is going down and we're going to have to do an emergency C-section. Also, that your daddy will not be allowed in the room with me, because that's hospital protocol. I was scared like anything. Here we were, nicely relaxing and not expecting you until the next day, and I was about to end up with an Emergancy C. My OB/GYN, Dr. M wasn't on duty that night so she was paged. A scruffy looking Indian lady doctor was attending that night. In a couple of minutes of us reaching the OR, your heartbeat went stable. They monitored me for about 10 minutes in the OR and when things seemed fine, we were wheeled back! Phew!

Dr. M reached after some time, and visited me at the room. The nurse (and I) explained her what happened. It was probably a reaction to the medicine they'd given me. After this, the night was quite eventless. I woke up in the morning, walked around, watched TV. My blood sugar was being monitored every hour, because of the GD. It was staying stable. I wasn't allowed any food, but was allowed to drink water and munch on ice-chips. Fun.

It was a long day. 16 hours of labor and nothing to show for it. Finally, at 6PM, Dr. M asked how long we wanted to wait. We said if nothing happens in a couple of hours, we're ready for a C. We just wanted to meet you, in good health. That's all that mattered. At 8:12, Dr. M delivered you via C-section.

The first thing I heard was your faint cry. Then, the nurses and doctor started saying "Look at those eyes. The Eyelashes" "All that hair" "The head is big that's why labor wasn't progressing" (Nice) Then, I saw you. You were this teeny tiny thing, in a diaper. I don't know when they put that diaper on you! You were the cutest little baby I had ever seen. No lie. The Cutest Baby Ever. I cried. Your daddy, concerned as he was about my well being, asked if I was hurting or these were happy tears! Yes, he was clueless as always :)

I remember asking a doctor (not Dr. M) about your Apgar Score! I don't know why. It was 8 or 9, yes, that's what the doctor said. He gave me a very surprised look for some reason. Whatever. I wasn't paying attention in my drug-induced haze.

Your Stats: 18 inches long, 5lb 9oz weight.

I have rambled enough so I'll stop now. Happy Birthday, my 2 year old! We are coming to your daycare with cupcakes at 2:30, and you have NO idea :D

Your first day

Your first few weeks

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