Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Officially Moved

Yesterday was our first night at our new house. Technically, it was our second night as we had stayed the night of House Blessing or 'Havan' ceremony, but that was just us, without any of our stuff. Almost all of the furniture has been moved, with the exception of a side table, some decoration items, etc. Both the houses are currently looking as disaster areas, as is to be expected.

Lower Level

Girish assembled the Entertainment Unit that is in the Family Room. With some rearrangement of furniture there, that room will be done. I started setting the Kitchen, Refrigerator and that's all looking good too. In the Dining Room, the China Cabinet has been moved to it's proper place, inbetween the two east side windows. The table needs to be assembled. We couldn't find the drill bits for the electronic drill, or it would have been done yesterday! Manual process takes much more time LOL We don't have any furniture in the Living Room currently, as in our Townhouse, we had combined Living/Family Rooms. The Home Office furniture needs to be assembled back too.

Upper Level

Total disaster. Master and Guest Bedroom furniture need to assembled. Clothes are all over the place. I started setting our clothes in the Walk In Closet this morning. Mehul's clothes are all in a big pile. Finding a uniform for him to wear to Creme was interesting. I kept coming up with single socks from many pairs LOL


Mehul seems to be very happily settled in the house. He calls this 'Townhouse'. Apparantly, we did so much house talk in front of him, he picked this word up and had been using it for a long time before we realized what he was saying! He was running all over the place last night, and even went to sleep peacefully. He still sleeps with us, though. He never got used to sleeping in the crib except for naps. That's ok, we like it that way :)

As far as his transitioning to the Big Boy Room, today it's 2 hours, not 1 as they mentioned in the papers they sent home. Mehul and another kid from his class are starting there today. Atleast he has someone with him! He would also (probably) recognize some older kids from his class there. Hoping that he doesn't cry! He was a little clingy this morning as he has come back after a 3 day break.


Today is KarwaChauth. I am fasting today. No food or drink before Moonrise! Please, Moon, come out early tonight!

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