Tuesday, October 10, 2006


I want to show all the LO's I've been doing the last few weeks, but I probably will not be able to if I continue scrapping like I am! LOL! It's a good thing, I am certainly not complaining. And I'm not under any pressure from CT or anything. I am on 2 CTs - Miki Ferkul's and Diamante Designs. They are both very understanding of my time commitments due to work and family obligations. I'm so lucky to be a part of their CTs.

I did this LO just for me. I wanted to scrap with these beautiful pages by Buddhini. This is from her ScrapArtist Apprentice Challenge 1st round freebie kit, and seeing as she has reached the 3rd round(!!) today, I feel it appropriate to post them now. Congratulations, Buddhini! Knew you could do it.

All That Hair

Papers: Buddhini's Elegance kit (Edited: I do know how to spell Elegance!)
Black Ribbon, stitching, buttons: Ztampf Syrin Seamstress
Needle, Pin: Ztampf
Pink Tag: Michelle Coleman's Tutti Frutti
Butterfly: Michelle Coleman's Gypsy Rose
Overlay on black paper: Jason Gaylor
Fonts: Misproject, Scriptina and Stamped DSG
Chocolate Dreams filter on photo by Diamante Designs.


Taneya said...

Beautiful LO. Love the colors! I too have just moved, so I can sympathize!

Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous Shalini.... I love how you coordinate my paper with those fabulous elements. I am excited to see my name among those great designers. Thank you very much for all your support…..

SteinwaysMom said...

I think this is beautiful. Buddhini reminds me of a combination of Scrapartist and Lie Fhung - very elegant.

Erin said...

Where did you find the list of folks who made it to round 3? Am I missing it? Or did she tell you? I pity those judges. What a hard choice to make with such beautiful work!

Shalini said...

I should have mentioned this! ScrapArtist site is actually being moved to a new server. Michelle announced the winners on her blog -

Debra, I think your entry was so amazing, and was *very* surprised to not see your name up there! I checked twice. {hug}