Saturday, October 07, 2006

Quick Post

I just returned back from work. Yes, on a Saturday. My life sucks LOL. I had to do a software upgrade at a client site. Since it was Production system, the only available timeframe was weekends. This is a long weekend here (Columbus Day), so I still get 2 days off, and I will take the next Friday off and make that a Long weekend. Someone ask them, where is it written in my job duties that I'd be expected to do upgrades/installs. I am the only Documentum 5 person they have, and they're milking it! Grump.

House News

We got our Refrigerator today. Girish got it installed. I haven't seen it in the kitchen yet. I'm totally excited. We're just heading to the house now to start moving stuff over. The movers are coming tomorrow. This is it! The next two weeks will be absolute chaos LOL

On the down side, we will lose our high speed internet connection. The community is brand new and they don't have the transmitter (or whatever else they need) set up. The wires are laid, but that's about it. It will be a long time before they start providing access. So, we'll be on dialup for a while. I hope it's not a looong while.

Well, I gotta run...

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