Friday, November 10, 2006

You know what they say...

If you want something done right, do it yourself! We were just about to head out to get the new potty chair, when I decided to look for it. Myself. I had previously asked DH to look in the garage, in his (M's) room, and in the basement. It wasn't there. So, I looked again in these places. Nope. Then, I spotted a Toy box in M's closet. It was a box in which DH had (supposedly) packed most of his toys. I specifically remember asking him to pack that box while I was packing away Kitchen stuff. We hadn't opened that box after moving because there already are so many toys out. Plus, the gifts he received from us on his birthday (and more later), and from others on his party. Ofcourse, that's where it would be. So, I opened it. And what's the first thing right on top? The pot. And the chair was folded up underneath the rest of the stuff. Whew. Saved $30.

Don't worry, it had never been used to Mehul just used to play with it :) So, Potty Training has officially begun at home too. They were already doing it at the daycare. The two mornings we have tried him to use it, no success.

What are my weekend plans? Taneya is dropping by for a visit while she is in DC for a Trip! She is coming on Saturday evening. The rest of the weekend will be stitching, scrapping, stitching some more.

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Sene said...

Happy Potty Training!!