Monday, November 13, 2006

Nice weekend

Taneya came to visit us Saturday evening. We had a really nice time getting to know her. This is the first time I have *properly* met an online friend in real life. I have been to Hershey CATS show once, but that was a quick hello with a couple of people (including The Queen of Blended Threads herself). I really enjoyed spending some time with her. We went out to dinner and then came back home for chatting some more. We talked about everything from Kaleya and Mehul's development (they are about 15 days apart!), to jobs, homes, stitching and scrapping (she is a cross-stitcher and digi-scrapper too), etc. I showed her my progress on Angel of Love, which she happens to have as a WIP too. I also brought out my Scrapbook_In_Progress. She had a lovely Native American design she's stitching with her. Overall, it was a great evening :)

Oh, and she has further confirmed my resolve to visit the Biltmore Estate. She has visited twice and said that I would *love* it, looking at my taste in furniture and home decoration! Girish has finally said, okay, we are going next summer! Yippie! It is a 10 hour drive from where we live. We are concerned about Mehul not being able to handle it rightnow. But, next year, we are going! And I might be able to meet her again as she lives about 5 hours away from there!

I stitched some last night while watching Rangeela movie. The AoL is coming along really nicely. I generally stay away from making changes to x-stitch patterns, but in this, I have added beads at the ends of golden frays in the angel's shawl. It's really looking great with the beads. I know, picture explains best, but I haven't taken an updated picture yet. Soon(ish) ;)

In other news, my week-long cough turned into a very sore throat. By Saturday night, my voice was almost gone and Sunday morning I woke up to a sore throat. Ouch. It is slightly better now. Off to get some hot-chocolate. I love winter-time. LOL!

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Erin said...

I *love* The Biltmore House. It is so beautiful. I haven't been in over 10 years, but once Luke gets old enough to appreciate it, we'll be going back.