Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas is coming..

You see it everywhere now, in the stores, on TV and radio, in the scrap booking galleries and stores, it is here. Still more than a month to go, but okay.

We may have found our Christmas Tree. This is the first tree that we're buying together! I initially thought of getting a small tree, 3.5 to 4.5 foot in height. After looking at a 4.5 ft. tree, both of us felt it wasn't the one for us. We need a bigger tree. A 6.5 ft tree at JCPenny seemed appropriate, but it wasn't as 'full'. A friend mentioned Lowes. Off we went, and I (obviously) selected the pricier one, the one which looks just like the real tree. And, it's 7 feet, and prelit, so we don't have to do tedious task of attaching lights. It's really pretty. Girish has agreed on that one, and we are hopefully getting it tonight. I was drooling over the cream and gold ornaments at Michael's the other day. Now I can get them!!

Here is the tree. Can you believe it's not a real tree? Look at the closeup of a branch.

This week is a short one, which makes me very happy. Thanksgiving is on Thursday, and we also get the day after Thanksgiving off. So, work 3 days, off 4 days. Why can't all weeks be like that? LOL!

We generally don't celebrate TG, but this time, we are starting this tradition too! There will be no Turkey (I'm vegetarian, G doesn't care for it, M won't eat it anyway just like he won't eat any other food item), only sides. I'm thinking Garlic Mashed Potatoes (I make yummmm), Steamed Garlic Lemon Broccoli, a Paneer dish (haven't decided which one yet), and a pie/cake afterwards. I'll get the the pie/cake from Trader Joe's. I don't want to do a big meal since I want to watch the special 2 hour Grey's Anatomy! I plan on getting a lot of stitching done over the weekend.

Now, why can't I attempt to make a pie? I have never tried to make a pie. I make Cakes and Muffins from the box and that's about it. And, I've baked cookies (from scratch) twice. Trying a new Western style dessert is on my 101 things to do list - - > Maybe next year.


Christine said...

Ooo, thanks for the heads-up on the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy!! I knew it would be a new episode but I didn't know it would be longer.

We bought a new tree this year, too. It's a Martha Stewart 7.5ft pre-lit tree...the base even spins, lol! I think we'll still put some coloured lights on though.

Sene said...

Wow! What a beautiful tree...Very nice..
4 Holidays....Great! And enjoy the long weekend.....