Friday, November 03, 2006

Still sick, but getting better

The diagnosis was 'Begining stages of Bronchitis'. Sigh. We took him at the right time. He was having much trouble breathing, you could hear the heavy breathing. They did an oxygen count test and found it was 93. It should be somewhere around 100. He wasn't wheezing but all the mucus is stuck in the nose/throat area, making it much difficult to breathe. He got a nice warm menthol bath (Johnson's) right after coming home, that helped some. The doctor recommended a higher dosage of Tylenol or Motrin in order to get the fever down, and it worked. He hasn't had fever since Wednesday afternoon. He has been given a 3 day steroid course to help with the mucus. And an antibiotic to keep the infection away. Poor guy :( He hates taking medicine. Today is the last day of steroids (which we didn't want to give, but I guess you have to weigh the positive with the negative).

He is feeling much better. I think the steroids are helping. Yesterday, he was back in full action and managed to get 2 timeouts from us. I took the day off yesterday. Why, oh why, does he like to throw all my stitching stuff away? The chart I'm working from, the floss baggie ring, the bead box! Arghhh. But, I would take this over him being sick anyday.

Back at work today, though Girish is home. Mehul didn't need to be home, but we kept him because we don't want to be spreading nasty germs to other kids. Hopefully by Monday, everything will be back to normal.

We got one of the Kitchen cabinet door replaced today. The cabinets we got are mocha stained. The stain has a rubbed finish (darker in the seams, lighter on the flat surface) They have quite a variation in color, which is to be expected. But, one door was looking way heavily stained than the ones next to it, making it seem odd. We had asked this to be replaced and they just got the shipment. It's looking much better.
I have a photo of my kitchen before we set all the stuff in. You can see the cabinet with the blue tape on, next to the microwave is darker. I love the color scheme in the kitchen. The tiles are my choice, as is the cabinetry. The granite was Girish's choice.
Oops just noticed, there should be a refrigerator in the big empty space next to the desk! It's there, really! I'll post an updated pic.


Erin said...

Glad he's feeling better. Steroids aren't fun (neither is bronchitis, for that matter), but when you need them, they really do work great! And your kitchen is awesome!

ithinkearthisheaven said...

nice to hear that he is fine , just get some precautions from doctors , so thar it does not happen in future again

Sene said...

Good to hear that M is doing fine! Take care! Kids!! They always come up with something or the other.
Ur kitchen looks real wonderful!