Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Guess that movie

Out of the mouth of Mehul.

"SharkBait Hu Ha Ha"
"He Touch Butt"
"Wa Hu Wa Hu Wa"

Complete with all the sounds effects. This boy is crazy about Nemo.

In other news, my haircut is looking fabulous. It was just 1/2 inch trimming but I just love the way it bounces. Love.

Not much went on yesterday. I reached home around 7:45 and M was asleep by 8:30. Watched some TV, had dinner and off to bed. I tried to do a LO but 30 minutes and nothing, so I deleted what I had.

I want to share about the Artist Trading Card Exchange that is going on at The Wagon. You know where The Wagon is ;) If you don't, then you probably don't need to :) I have signed up for the exchange. It seems like fun and you get to interact with the other members. You make the ATCs 2.5 x 3.5 inches, and exchange them with the other members who are participating. This month's theme is "What I'm Thankful For". I'm looking around for ideas in the scrapping galleries.

Here is the Weasel video. It is a TOY not a real weasel. You need quicktime to play this. The quality is not great since this was shot from DH's Treo.

Another one I took after some time. Mehul had just woken up and had enough of the Weasel.

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Sene said...

Mehul looking absolutely cute, rubbing his eyes and yawning!! And that LO of your mom, great.