Friday, November 03, 2006

Birthday Photos

And finally, some birthday photos. Mehul had 2 parties, one at the daycare, and another one at home a couple of weeks later. The daycare party was on October 4th, his birthday. Sene reminded me about the other party photos, here they are.

Daycare Birthday

Playing outside with the balloon

Favorite Gift - Elmo's Workbench

On the 4th, at home. We decorated a cheesecake!

On the 22nd, we had the 2 Parties in 1 celebration.

And finally, a LO.

*Credits added Nov. 06 2006*
Everything from Diamante Designs The Necessaties collection. They are unavailable rightnow, but this collection will be made available again at The Digi Shoppe.
I made the scissors from a photoshop brush and Diamante's paper. Cool huh?


Christine said...

Wow, great pictures, Shalini! And I absolutely love your LO! It's awesome!

Sene said...

Hi, Beautiful pics. Mehul looks soooo adorable!!And, the LO is absolutely cute! I love the scissors, and the red heart. Keep up the good job!!

Shalini said...

Thank you! I made the scissors from a Photoshop brush :D