Tuesday, November 14, 2006

First Time

Today is the first time M p-peed in the toilet. I wasn't there though DH was. Should we have been video taping? I'm kidding! LOL.

I have to talk about Grocery Stores. Why is it that we all are so attached to our grocery stores? You know, you always go to the same store to get the things you can get literally anywhere! This morning I was talking to one of my coworkers who has moved into our city. He asked me about the store we go to. I told him our favorite stores are Wegmans and Harris Teeter. He said he always goes to Giants, a store we Hate. Giants was the nearest store to our previous house, but we wouldn't go there if we could help it. I don't know if it's the prices, the quality, or the cleanliness. I am very particular about the store I go to. And everyone else seems to be whenever the topic comes up. No one has ever said, I'm not particular, I just go to the nearest one or whatever. Why is that?

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Erin said...

Congrats to M on his success! And yes, I am equally loyal to my grocery store. We drive *past* two other Krogers just to get to the one we like, over 10 miles away. We just like it so much better, and the prices really are less at that one than the others (I've checked!).