Wednesday, November 01, 2006

No Trick or Treating

Mehul's daycare called DH yesterday around 4PM. They said he had a fever of over 101 and we had to get him immediately. When I reached home, he looked so tired and down. His cough has been going on for about a week, but it sounded much worse. He kept getting the fever off and on the whole night. DH is home today and has made a sick appointment with the Ped. Poor little guy. He couldn't sleep all night due to coughing and stuffed up nose. It seemed his throat hurts when he coughs, making it all the more worse :(

So, yeah, no trick or treating. Good thing his daycare had the Halloween Celebrations for infants, toddlers and 2 year olds the day before yesterday. I got some pictures of my pumpkin.

The first photo is in the breakfast area, looking into the Family Room. The second is in his Computer lab at the daycare. I have cropped out other kids but you can see the back of one, and the tail of another one under the table. I didn't realize she was under the table until I saw the photo. You can also spot Elmo looking under the table :) Sorry, I don't have a better picture of me!

So, What happens when you realize your best friend, your childhood friend has a blog? You jump up and down (or, you want to jump up and down but can't because you're at work). Sene and I went to school together, then we went to college together. And then, we worked together for quite a bit of time, until she got married and went to a land far far away. And then, I went even further away. I'm so glad you're blogging, Sene. Stupid me, I didn't even realize it until today :o
Here is the surprise photo of her and me! This is pre-marriage, pre-baby, pre-weight gain. LOL! I'm pretty sure we were in 1st year of college. I'm on the left. Sorry for the bad quality.


Erin said...

Oh, poor M! Not a fun way to spend Halloween. Glad he got to go to the party though, so he didn't totally miss out.

Sene said...

Mehul,poor baby! I know how it is when kids are not well. Good thing he could attend his Halloween party! Never have I seen a cutest pumpkin! Don't worry! He will be fine soon.

Surprise! Surprise! Yday, when I saw Cheena's snap, I literally went thru all our school & college days. I was after Deep the whole evening telling this and that! And today! After seeing our snap together after such a long time. Can't express myself..Gee Thanks a lot!

Taneya said...

Cute Halloween outfit! He looked adorable. Love the pic of you and your friend too. :-)