Monday, December 18, 2006

Weekend Layouts

Sunshine and Flowers

Diamante Designs kit 'Let Yourself Shine' available at TDS here
Diamante Designs Paper Petals available at TDS.
Jason Gaylor brushes
Gina Miller's Fun with Fibers pack

Mehul Boy

Brown Paper from Perfect Time of Day by Meredith Fenwick
Aqua paper, Note paper, Glittery Florish from Holiday Punch by Meredith Fenwick
String Knot from her Strung Out Pack
M alpha from Firelight by Meredith Fenwick
Tape Arrow from Shakespeare's Canvas kit by Marcie Reckinger at ACOT

I made the BOY alpha. So proud. I used one of Meredith Fenwick's paper, typed in using Stencil font, cut it out, and applied Bevel setting. Looks cool.

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Sene said...

Nice LO's. Mehul is looking absolutely adorable!