Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Birthday Scrapbook

Some of you might know that we celebrated Mehul's First Birthday back in India. It was done in a semi-big way. That's the way 1st birthdays are done there, generally. All cousins, etc. were invited, and there was a DJ (Dance Jockey) with a dance floor. It was fun! We also had a photographer and videographer to tape the function. It's much cheaper than here, so most people are able to do this. Plus, we generally do a get-together to meet everyone anyway, because we go back every 2 years.

I kept looking at the photos and thinking of cool ways to scrap them. Hadn't come up with a plan.

Until Monday night. I started with one photo of my sister and BIL with Mehul. Her Sari color inspired me to look in my Ztampf folder. Lots of common colors there, and the rich papers are going to be perfect for this scrapbook. I've done 5(!) Layouts since then. Unfortunately, I don't have them with me rightnow.

Last night, we went to Kohl's to pick up a train set for Mehul. And came back with that, new comforter set for our MBR, decorative pillows, yummy embroidered sheets, some pants for Mehul, and 2 hand towels for the Powder room. LOL! Don't ask!


Taneya said...

gorgeous comforter set! yep - that would be right at place in the Biltmore house! :-)

Erin said...

Wow, what a beautiful bed set! And I can't wait to see the birthday layouts.

Sene said...

Wow!! Absolutely gorgeous!!