Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas (Belated)

So, did you have a good Christmas Weekend? Mine was really nice. As I mentioned in my last post, we had a Parent Teacher Conference on Friday. Got some not so good news along with the good news. I will post it separately, but it involves Mehul's teacher mentioning that he might have to work with a Speech Therapist in a couple of months.

We spent Friday evening finishing up the paint (or so we thought!) Had to do a third coat on 2 of the walls as some streaks were visible. This project has been stretched longer that it should have. We underestimated the amount of supplies needed, having never painted a room this size (technically, it's 2 rooms) ! It took 4 gallons of paint, 3 rolls of tape, and a lot of hours! The result is absolutely beautiful! Pictures coming in the next post.

We decided to go out for the Christmas Party! LOL. I guess everyone needs a break. It worked out for the best. We all hung out around our house from afternoon. Had tea and snacks. Later in the evening, we had Champagne. My very first glass of Champagne! And, I liked it. But it gave me a slight headache by the end of evening. Thank goodness it wasn't too bad. No, I wasn't drunk or anything! LOL. Went to a new to us Thai restaurant.

Sunday and Monday - Took it easy. Mehul opened his gifts Monday Morning. He got to add more trains to the existing collection, and a Play Dough center. Girish and I don't exchange gifts on Christmas. We weren't as busy as I had predicted, mainly because we didn't host, and we also decided not to go to the Sunday party. Figure, we'll call them home rather than sit at a party where we don't know anyone else!

I have managed to do a total of 23, yes, that's Twenty Three(!) Layouts for the Birthday Album. Now, I don't want to post each and every one here on the blog or it might crash some unsuspecting person's browser. I'll think of a way. BTW, there are a total of 50 photos. I was originally thinking of just doing 30 LOs because the scrapbooks generally come with 15 pages (double side). But they might not be enough, so I don't have a set number in mind. I'll see how many more are needed. I have to scan the rest of the photos. I've scrapped all but 1 that was already scanned.

Oh, I almost forgot about the dessert incident on Saturday. I had ordered a Lemon Sorbet for dessert. What I got was an lemon colored very frozen thingy resembling a lemon, with some whipped cream on the side. I tried to slice it with the spoon, didn't work. Girish tried the fork. Nope. We started joking that it is just a frozen lemon. N said that you're only supposed to have the whipped cream and call it a day. OMG. Girish and N just kept cracking jokes as I tried to break it somehow. There was some sorbet on it too, in a ring around the neck. N's wife was a little tipsy and kept laughing throughout. She asked her 5 yr old to bite into it. She did, and then whispered in her mom's ear - Mom, I don't think we're supposed to eat it. LOL! Mystery was solved when we asked the waitress how to eat this, she removed the sorbet from the neck and popped the lemon open. Gosh. Why do they need to hide it like treasure?? LOL.

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