Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Paint, paint, paint...

Paint: Check
Tape: Check
Rollers: Check
Tarp: Nope

As you can probably tell, we are getting ready for painting. First paint job in this house. Wish us luck. The first time we painted at the other house, we managed to spill some paint on the carpet. We have this huge canvas that we use to cover the carpet while painting, but some paint has always managed to get through. We have to get a plastic tarp to put underneath it.

We have a Tray ceiling in the room, that's turning out to be a challenge. If you're not familiar with what this is, it looks like an inverted tray. The center part is recessed and there is crown molding on the edges. There are 4 recessed lights in that portion too. We want to do some decorative treatment in the center portion. That's still not final, so we'll start with painting the walls.

The nightstands have been ordered (1 for MBR, another for Guest BR). I also got some table lamps and other things. Can't wait to get started!

Some of our friends think it's weird that we paint the house ourselves. LOL! They'd rather live with white walls than paint themselves. We're the opposite as we can't stand white walls. It helps that DH is completely onboard with me on this. Even though I have painted rooms by myself before, but it's more fun when he's right there with me, painting. Mehul will most definitely pick up the rollers too, but we'll make sure he doesn't come near paint!

I just can't think beyond this rightnow. But, I do want to mention that I managed to sneak out of office early yesterday and taped Mehul's practice session. They all look *so* cute. The show is tomorrow at 3:00 and I've already asked the boss for leaving early.


Buddhini said...

Happy painting Shalini :)

Sene said...

Good luck, guys!!