Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The MBR Project

Before we moved our furniture in the room (September). I forgot to take a photo with the furniture! This is the Bedroom view from the Sitting Room.

Sitting Room Before

BR and Sitting Room After

With Flash

This one's Without Flash

Nightstand. You can't see the phone clearly, but it's really pretty. I got it last year when I did the Library in the other house. But, it goes with this furniture more so it'll stay here.

The Bedding

I still need some things, like, curtains (on my next trip to India), The Perfect Paintings (as I find them), a Full Length Mirror (already selected it at Bed Bath and Beyond, just have to get it). Also, my Angel of Love will go in this room. So, majority of work in this room is done. I will keep decorating it little by little :) Oh, almost forgot! I will replace that ugly chair (or, DH's favorite rocker) in the Sitting room with a beautiful Chaise once I find it. No need to hurry, though :)

And now, to think of the next project. It will be a smaller room (i.e. not Family Room or Living or Dining). Hmmm.


Taneya said...

beautiful paint job! looks great.

Sene said...

The paint color is real cool!! MBR is looking very nice.....Great job!

Christine said...

Wow, that is a gorgeous room!!! I love the bedding you chose.

Buddhini said...

Great paint work and love your collection of furniture.
Beautiful room :)

Karin said...

It's a gorgeous room! I love the colours in this room - they are some of my favorites.