Saturday, December 02, 2006


Party is in 4 hours. I want to take a nap. That's saying a lot since I'm not a nap person. I don't nap, I sleep.
Everything is done, except the last minute things like making the rice pulao, placing snacks in the oven to reheat, adding dressing to the salads, heating naan, etc. I have made 2 salads, Burnt Corn Salad, and Potato Chickpeas Salad. Latter would be served along with snacks for a healthy alternative.

Oh, and a lot of cleaning is left. DH has gone out to get my Taco Bell fix so that I can get going again. LOL. He had cleaned the upstairs this morning, now we'll do the downstairs after lunch.

I did one LO yesterday. I had asked Carrie on the stitching BB for using the awesome Seahorse picture she had shown us, for a LO. I really love looking at this picture. Just had to scrap it. She was so sweet to give me permission to use it :) Thanks, Carrie.

Photograph: Carrie
Background paper: Michelle Coleman's Chelsey's Dream
Striped paper: Michelle Coleman's Savoir Faire
Red paper: Buddhini's Elegance
Stamp behind red paper: Jason Gaylor's freebie
Swirly Metallic stamp: Vicki Stegall
Stitching: Gina Miller
Torn edges: Ztampf Ultimate Torn Pack
Paper used for torn strip: Michelle Coleman


Sara said...

You're very welcome and thanks back to you for the blog help. I think I've got my problem fixed. I removed part of the code I had originally inserted to change around the border and color scheme and that allows me to insert ** correctly. I think I can get images to work right with a bit more playing around.

Hope you have a lovely party!

Buddhini said...

Beautiful layout Shalini, and thank you for using my paper...