Thursday, September 07, 2006

Weekend was nice

It started raining here on Thursday and didn't really stop until Saturday. We had planned to go to the Baltimore Aquarium over the Labor Day weekend - Saturday or Sunday. We had planned a Potluck on Sunday so the only option was Saturday. I had almost made up my mind to not go, but DH insisted that we should. It's indoors so we went anyway. And I'm so glad that we did. Mehul had a great time watching all the fish. I'm happy to announce he *can* identify Nemo LOL and he calls it 'Moomie'.

They also have a Dolphin show that used to be free with the admission ticket, but now they have an extra charge for that. I don't really know if it is worth it anymore. We have seen the show twice before, and this time we felt there was a lot of talking and very less Dolphin Action. Mehul still enjoyed the Big Fish splashing water on him! Yes, we sat in the Splash Zone. The water was salty. Yuck!

While returning back from the Aquarium, we called some family friends over. They stayed the night and we had a great time talking and relaxing. Had the Potluck on Sunday. My 'Pindi De Chole' recipe was a hit! I'm making them tomorrow again so we can freeze some for lunches.

I've been at a client site for the last two days. It's a long drive. I might have to go in again tomorrow or next week. Can't wait for this work to be over.

I did do a layout yesterday.


Journaling: Eyes are an Ocean in which Dreams are reflected.


All Papers: Michelle Coleman's Savoir Faire Kit
Eyelet: Christy Lyle's Tagbook Treasures
Stitching: ScrapArtist Summer Splash Kit
Beaded Heart and Oval: Gina Miller
Paper Tear: Steph Krush
Tag: Candy Coated Mini Kit Freebie by Michelle (on her blog)
Eyelet: Tutti Frutti Kit
Deckled Edge Frame: Ronna Penner's Vintage Snapshots
Brush Overlay: Michelle Coleman's Lighter Shades of Pale Kit
Saddle Filter on Photo by PhotoBlast
Font: Misproject

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Consuela *C' Magic* said...

Wow really beautiful LO...
Love the style...

*Hugs* C.