Thursday, September 14, 2006

All About Mehul (and his Cousin's LO)

Mehul loves to play with my purse. As soon as I come home, I put it next to the couch. It's never found at the same place in the morning. He picks it up and roams around. Then, he settles down with it and starts examining the contents. What is it that's so interesting about it? Tonight, he did the same. He took my wallet out and left it there. I didn't feel like cooking tonight so we decided to get Subway. Before we got out, I had found the wallet and put it back in the purse, but he didn't see me do that. When I was locking the door, he started yelling 'Purse Purse'. I waved it in front of him but he was still pointing inside. I opened it and took the wallet out. He was concerned that my wallet had been left inside!!! How thoughtful is that? For a 2 year old, that's pretty good :)

He's starting to string 2 words together. Exciting time! It's weird to hear him try to speak sentences.

What happens when the child speaks Spanish and the parents do not? Yes. He started yelling 'Aawaaaaaaa' 'Aawaaaaaaaa' and it took me a long time to understand he was asking for Water. In Spanish. That's about the only Spanish word I know, curtsey his daycare teacher. Fun times ahead.

Flower Girl

This is a LO of my neice Arushi. She's so cute!

You can download Jason Gaylor brushes here

Background (recolored), ribbon (recolored), string of beads, flower, pin with tag, stamp, staples: Michelle Coleman's Chelsey Dreams kit
Brushes : Fresh Foliage brushes by Jason Gylor
Notepaper: Lauren Grier

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Buddhini said...

Yes, Shalini the fun times ahead. after two word sentences they will easily catch up 3 words sentences,,,,,, and then you cant stop them and they will start to repeat each and every word we say.....