Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Curious George, or Elmo? Or, Finding Nemo?

These are the themes I'm trying to decide for Mehul's 2nd birthday party. He'll have 2 parties, one at the daycare with Cupcakes and juice boxes, and another at home next weekend (or the weekend after). I'm thinking of doing the daycare party with a theme. Although, I might do both with different themes. Wouldn't be the first time I changed my mind at the last minute.

The daycare has strict policy about food, though. They don't allow cake or candles. Only cupcakes, with an ingredients label on it, so I can't make them (I was contemplating that). Now, if we can decide on the theme, we'll get the items tonight or tomorrow night. Friday and Saturday will be *very busy* days. I'm not announcing anything on my blog because it's a surprise for some people. Shhhhh.....

Back to the themes - At first, his favorite character was Elmo. Loved Elmo. Still does. I remember we took his singing 'emmo' doll on our vacation to India. He danced when emmo sang.

Nemo - DH's SUV has a DVD player, he watches Nemo all the time when he's in the car. When he gets into my car, he's instantly disappointed that 'mooomie' isn't there. He saw moomie at the aquarium and was pretty excited.

Curious George - Recent addiction. We let him watch the cartoon on WETA when he sits down for breakfast. Now, when we put him on the chair, he demands 'Geoge'. It's cute.

The daycare party will be at 3PM on his birthday. That is the time everyone gets a second snack after the afternoon nap. I bet he'll be excited to see Mommy and Daddy drop in the daycare with food!

The other party will be at home, with lots of family friends and their kids. I have his dress for this party. Too cute. I don't know what I'm wearing for this one yet. Plenty of time to figure out :)


Melanie said...

It's so sad about not being able to take in home-made goodies to daycare and pre-schools now, isn't it? I understand the reasoning, of course, but I think it's a big loss for the kids :(

Shalini said...

They're just taking precaution, which I understand. They also don't allow latex ballons but mylar are ok, which is what we're doing.