Sunday, September 24, 2006

Such a fun Saturday

So, I wake up saturday morning after sleeping in a little. Start preparing breakfast, set Mehul on his chair for his breakfast. After I set the kettle to boil some water for tea, I had a couple of minutes, so I boot the laptop. I have been addicted to my laptop recently (since I started scrapping). Girish is seriously complaining these days, he says he'll hide the laptop someday. He's right, I have been scrapping a *lot*. When I'm not scrapping, I'm browsing a particular digi-scrapping board. I'm not staying on the point here LOL...On that board, a couple of days ago, I had joined in praising a particular designer (Vicki Stegall, for those who must know LOL). She said something about sending a gift to us who praised her and made her day, I didn't think twice about it! So, Saturday morning, I have a private message waiting from her. I get my gift! A gift certificate to her site - What's more, she send 2 coupons for my friends. I have already shared them! How very generous is that?
What's more, she is making me some charms good for boy layouts since I asked her if she had any in her store. She Rocks!
I do a little dance and tell Girish about it. He's surprised too, although he doesn't dance like me LOL
After a little while of browsing, I hop over to ScrapArtist. And, there is a message waiting for me there! Completely Random. A new user who has just joined there took the time to PM me and leave me some praise on my layouts! What a day!

Rest of the day wasn't as exciting, though. We went to Lowes to look for Refrigerator and Washer Dryer for our new house. Placed an order for Maytag Refrigerator - It is the only bottom freezer fridge with french doors and water/ice dispensor. Oh, and we got it in silver. Washer Dryer are front loading types from Whirlpool. I'm counting down days till we move!

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