Tuesday, September 26, 2006

About Lifting...

I have seen a lot of people taking inspiration from other peoples work. In scrapbooking terms, it's called a scraplift. I rarely, if ever, do lifts. I generally don't see the point in doing that. I'm perfectly capable of coming up with a unique design by myself. Ofcourse, this is not to say that the people who like to do lifts can't come up with designs, maybe they enjoy doing that more!
That said, there are some LO's that make me go "WOW, I want to do THIS!" One such layout is this LO by Nevache. When I sat down to scrap day before yesterday, I pulled out Miki's Piazza kit, and the papers in her kit seemed to be perfect for the lift I've wanted to do. I don't think it's a real looking as hers, but I love it. Here it is


About the photo - It's one of the very few photos of my childhood that I have. Most of them were destroyed in a fire back home. This is my sister (left), friend (center), and me (right) in our backyard. I only have like 2 more childhood photos of me other than this!!

Brown Background, Scrapbook Front and Side - Miki Ferkul's Piazza kit
Eyelets: Piazza kit
Journaling Tag: Piazza kit
Iron Element: Piazza kit
Old Notepaper: Vicki Stegall Midsummer Night kit
Stitching: Gina Miller
Tied ribbon, Lace bow - Michelle Coleman Gypsy Rose
Masking Tape: Ztampf Soul Searching kit
Paper Clip- Ztampf
Staples- IOD Essentials
Ribbon- Fishscraps
Michelle Coleman's Hand Stamped Alpha
Font: Bradley Hand ITC


Raji said...

Hi! Shalini, just dropping by your blog, that is a gorgeous LO, I love your style.

Erin said...

Hey, not all of us are as talented as you. Some of us would sit staring at a blank paper without guidance from someone else's layout or sketch! LOL

Shalini said...

We are all so different, in our interpretations, in our art! We may start from the same sketch or inspiration and yet come up with something unique.