Saturday, April 28, 2007

Train Park Outing

We finally made it to the 'Burke Lake Park'. We call it the Train park. They were closed for the winter and just opened this month. Mehul has so much fun today, he didn't want to come back. It was a little chilly or we'd have stayed for some more time. We were hungry as well. Picked up some chinese on the way back.
They have a train ride through the park, a golf course, a lake, hiking trails, carousel, and a playing area for kids from what we saw today. We will certainly be back.
Time for pictures! Suddenly Mehul's looking thinner and taller! Growing out of babyhood.

Car ride is so exciting!

The Train!

The Engine!

Guys and kids!

Mommy and Mehul


Carousel Ride!

In the playground!

Friday, April 27, 2007


Michelle Coleman is leaving ScrapArtist along with her sister Lori. I know most of you don't know about this store, but this is my first 'home' for digi-scrapping. I posted my first digi-layout online at SA. I bought my first digi- kit from Michelle Coleman - Chelsey's Dream. I *heart* ScrapArtist. I found awesome freebies on ScrapArtist, which made me 'practice' digi before I spent a single dime. I remember downloading one freebie after another when I found them. When I posted my layouts, I got praise on them. Sucky as they were, someone always had something nice to say about them. Made me think maybe I *can* do it.

They are the creme-de-la-creme, Michelle and Nancie, the co-founders. Nancie is staying and apparently has some changes planned for the site. I'm happy for all of them, I'm sure it is for the best, but ScrapArtist won't be the same without MCO. Sigh.

I'll follow them wherever they go, that goes without saying. I think they're going to open a new store, but I don't know for sure. I'll be back at ScrapArtist too, ofcourse. I just joined Lisa Whitney's CT for one, I love all the other designers there.

In other news, the weekend is here. I have some scrapping and gardening planned. If the weather is nice, we'll go to the train park I've been wanting to take Mehul to since winter (which is when they were closed). Might have some friends over Saturday night.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mehul's Birthday Photobook

So I got an offer from Shutterfly 2 days ago to create an 8x8 inch photo book and get another one free. As some of you might know, I had created Mehul's first birthday album pages already. I had been reading about this photo book concept and really liked the fact that it was cheaper and much more durable because of being in a book format. I was thinking of going with full 12x12 format but that's HUGE for a book. So I had almost decided on getting an 8x8 book made. And then I got this offer. So I took the plunge and resized my pages the last two nights, uploaded them and ordered! Offer expired yesterday at midnight so I had to finish it yesterday. No procrastinating. Now it's done done done.
If you're curious, I've shared the photobook and you can check it out by clicking here.

I deliberately did not use the mirror images of the layouts on facing pages, but kept the similar angles. I like it better this way. I hope it'll look ok in the book as I only had a traditional scrapbook in mind when I did the pages.

I haven't been running faithfully as my hobbies are keeping me very much occupied these days. We had someone dig out some space in the backyard for making a herb garden. It's more like a furrow but whatever. I love it. Yesterday we went and bought a few packs of the gardening soil. Today it's a bit chilly again but by the weekend, we should have the seedlings planted outside. I don't know if there are many squirrels here, guess I'll find out! I'm also reading Nora Roberts Garden Trilogy at the moment, so it all flows together ;)

I also joined another CT - Lisa Whitney. Here's a link to her store at ScrapArtist! Woohhoo! I LOVE her designs and buy them all the time. So cool.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Books Books and some more

I've been reading like I have to give an exam next week. In the past 2 weeks (?) I have finished reading 5 books! I used to be an avid reader back home but haven't done very much since I landed in the US. Other things always took priority somehow. Now that I've visited my local Library I'm bringing dozens of books home! And DH and Mehul are totally addicted as well, though sadly, DH is still into comic books *snicker* Asterix

I'm still trying to find what genre I like best so I've read a couple of different types.

Juvenile Fiction
Far Traveler by Rebecca Tingle
Circle of Magic - Sandry's Book by Tamora Pierce
The Hobbit (Reread)

Warning Signs * by Stephen White

Night Shield by Nora Roberts

* - The timing of my reading this book kinda spooked/disturbed me a little. The VA-Tech shootings happened a day or two after my finishing this book. The story revolves around a Psychologist's patient trying to identify 'warning signs' in her son for avoiding another Columbine. The Psychologist himself struggles with the doctor-patient privilege and figuring out how to avoid a potential disaster. Really well written.

A few upcoming reads in my queue - Critical Conditions / Stephen White, Natural born charmer / Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Sacred Sins / Nora Roberts

I also got Photoshop CS2 for Dummies and tried a technique in the LO below. I learned how to selectively colorize B&W photos (or any photo, really). Check it out! Scrapped it last night.

Everything from ScrapArtist

BTW, if any digiscrapper is reading this, Meredith Fenwick is having a cute little contest to dress up a DoodleBird. I had so much fun with this LO last night.

Everything by Meredith Fenwick.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boys and Flowers

A question came up on the digi-scrapping board I visit regarding Boys and floral layouts. The poster inevitably uses flowers, ribbons, etc. in her LOs of her son, and was wondering if this was weird. Most people responded that they use them too, without thinking. I do the same. In fact, I looked in my own gallery and found that most of my LOs (featuring him) have atleast one flower, or a floral paper in them. I don't do it intentionally, ofcourse. And I found that there isn't a single typical boy layout featuring cars, trains or airplanes. Maybe he'll be mad at me when he'd look back at the books (the books that I will one day print for him. That not really the point :p)

So, here I bring you a watermelon pink, flowery and glittery LO featuring my only son. Maybe it's more of my personality that shows through in what I do, rather than his. Points to ponder..

Out of Stock

I asked DH if he got the message in the LO, he said he didn't get it.
So, the message is: There is one of a kind boy, named Mehul. And he's Out of Stock now that we have him! LOL! Corney I know!

From Meredith Fenwick
Background, Frame on big photo, Glitter paint, Star border
From Diamante Designs
Flowers on photo, Scribble Swirls, Heart, Embroidered Paisley corner, Fabric Bows
From Michelle Coleman
Buttons, Chipboard squares, metal round
From Microferk Designs
Out of Stock and Certified Labels

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last Night

The storm that moved into our area Saturday night is finally moving out today. But it did a great deal of damage yesterday. Our property is fine, thankfully, but it knocked our power lines. We saw some trees were down. The entire community is without electricity since Monday afternoon. I reached home around 6 PM and found out. DH had gone to check with some other people in the neighborhood. We had planned to go to the library so we did that, and then to the mall. We came back home around 10PM and went straight to the bed. No heat, no electricity. Even though our heating system is gas, the thermostat is still electric, so no heat. Thank goodness for gas stove! Mehul doesn't go to bed without warm milk.
This morning power was still out. There was some hot water left in the heater so we took miserly showers LOL! Mehul didn't get one. Oops. Hopefully, it will be back by the time we get home.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

We did it!

This morning I woke up at 6:30. DH and Mehul were up a little while later. Quick breakfast, dressed up and out the door by 7:15. Turn back as I had forgotten the towel. It was pouring down rain.

We reached the FairGrounds in Leesburg around 8:00. This is where the race was to be held. I met with Jenni and her husband Scott who were also there for the 5K. It was *cold* and wet. Most people were wearing jackets and caps. Some were even wearing garbage bags over their dresses to avoid soaking. Quite a deviation from what I had imagined! Jenni said around 2500 people had registered for the races. But there weren't nearly as many present. Many had bailed.

Our race started at 8:40. We had to go on a bike trail half way through and then turn back and finish at the same spot we started. Jenni had done a 5K last year but it was my first. We started out together. Scott had gone to the front of the herd. We were not even 1 mile in when we saw some people returning! Yeah, they were most of the winners! I kept up with Jenni until the halfway point (no walking!), and had to stretch my legs a bit after that. She is a little energizer bunny! Never stopped for a second, never walked. I was right behind her after the halfway point. I covered the rest of the distance doing run/walk.

My finish time was 39:20. Jenni's was 37-something. Scott's was 24-something! He was beat for third place in his age category by 20 seconds!
Some pictures. I look awful. But I feel great :)

Scott, Jenni, Me, and Mehul

Mehul and Me

Monday, April 09, 2007

Angel of Love Progress

Not a whole lot this time. I have only stitched 5-6 nights since the last progress pic.

Oh, ignored blog

Sorry for ignoring you for a week. I was busy at work and stitching at home. I have managed to peel myself away from the laptop afterall. Didn't even check my email entire weekend!

Anyhow, I am working from home today because I fell sick over the weekend. Great. No really, it's great that it happened this weekend instead of the coming weekend, which is when I'm running the 5K!

Mehul's Artwork. He really loves doodling on paper (has never used walls for a canvas! Lucky us). Usually his doodles don't resemble anything but once in a while he comes up with something. Here are some that he's done (and I've been able to photograph!) These are all his, no help from mommy or daddy!

This one's a car.

Here's an airplane!

And a heart.

Sorry for the blurry photo. He didn't let me take this one away as he wasn't done. LOL!

He also loves to make shapes out of food. For example, if he's eating a mini-pretzel, he'll eat one side and make it into an umbrella, or 'B' or 'C'. If he's eating bread or chips, triangles or circles appear. He can count to 20 and recognizes *some* of the alphabets and a number of shapes, including a Trapezoid! Yes, I taught him that LOL! It's really fun teaching him while playing :D

Have a great week! I promise to be more around, and show an updated Angel of Love WIP.

Monday, April 02, 2007

April Goals

Time to make some monthly goals and see how it goes.


1. Run the 5K Race
2. Increase run to 6 Miles within 80 minutes.


3. Complete and send March and April ATCs (March is way overdue!)


4. Sow the remaining seeds.


5. On the Angel of Love, complete beading on Page 3.
6. *Try* to complete stitching on Page 3.


7. Take Mehul to the Train park.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Just barely, but I made it :)

I just finished my last 5.5 miles of the 100 miles by April 1st. Feels good to actually follow something through and see the end of it.

I haven't been posting a lot because, well, I didn't have much to say. Not much scrapping going on but I did finish 2 layouts for Diamante Designs CT yesterday. Still stitching regularly on the Angel of Love.

I am planting some herbs and veggies this year. Sowed Tomato and peppers couple of days ago in the Jiffy Green House. It comes with a tray with cup indentation (sorta like muffin tray) and peat pellets (the shape and size of carrom or checkers pieces). Put warm water and they poof up real quick. I sowed about 3 seeds per peat muffin, covered them with peat and put a lid on the tray. About 2 hours later, I went to check on them. I am sure they wouldn't sprout too quickly, but I have a curious little one in the house. I have placed them near a window in the library as it doesn't get direct sun. Might have to move them if I see Mehul hanging around that! So far so good. I am thinking of going back to the store to get more trays for the coriander, mint, basil and okra! I've only done coriander in the past and that didn't even go very well. Wish me luck!

Yesterday was our monthly GTG. There are 5 families and we rotate the venue between us. This time it was at Monika and Vineet's house. They have just adopted a little poodle puppy - Zoey. He's 3 months old. Mehul was just facinated by Zoey. He wasn't scared at all and tried to hug it like a little teddy bear. So cute to watch. And Zoey wasn't intimidated either. They both hung around in the basement the entire time (the other kids were there as well). M is the youngest of the group though most of them are in 3 -6 age group. Much fun to watch a puppy and little kids run around :)

I have some pictures of M's art work but they're still in the camera. He doodles along and comes up with something resembling a known shape once in a while. I'll post those later.