Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Last Night

The storm that moved into our area Saturday night is finally moving out today. But it did a great deal of damage yesterday. Our property is fine, thankfully, but it knocked our power lines. We saw some trees were down. The entire community is without electricity since Monday afternoon. I reached home around 6 PM and found out. DH had gone to check with some other people in the neighborhood. We had planned to go to the library so we did that, and then to the mall. We came back home around 10PM and went straight to the bed. No heat, no electricity. Even though our heating system is gas, the thermostat is still electric, so no heat. Thank goodness for gas stove! Mehul doesn't go to bed without warm milk.
This morning power was still out. There was some hot water left in the heater so we took miserly showers LOL! Mehul didn't get one. Oops. Hopefully, it will be back by the time we get home.

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