Saturday, April 28, 2007

Train Park Outing

We finally made it to the 'Burke Lake Park'. We call it the Train park. They were closed for the winter and just opened this month. Mehul has so much fun today, he didn't want to come back. It was a little chilly or we'd have stayed for some more time. We were hungry as well. Picked up some chinese on the way back.
They have a train ride through the park, a golf course, a lake, hiking trails, carousel, and a playing area for kids from what we saw today. We will certainly be back.
Time for pictures! Suddenly Mehul's looking thinner and taller! Growing out of babyhood.

Car ride is so exciting!

The Train!

The Engine!

Guys and kids!

Mommy and Mehul


Carousel Ride!

In the playground!


FionaB said...

What a happy little boy! Lovely pictures, especially the one of all 3 of you.

Sene said...

Yep, he is definitely growing out of babyhood!! Can't believe the last time I saw him, he was 1 yr old baby..Look at him now. How fast kids grow!!

The pics are real good.