Thursday, April 19, 2007

Boys and Flowers

A question came up on the digi-scrapping board I visit regarding Boys and floral layouts. The poster inevitably uses flowers, ribbons, etc. in her LOs of her son, and was wondering if this was weird. Most people responded that they use them too, without thinking. I do the same. In fact, I looked in my own gallery and found that most of my LOs (featuring him) have atleast one flower, or a floral paper in them. I don't do it intentionally, ofcourse. And I found that there isn't a single typical boy layout featuring cars, trains or airplanes. Maybe he'll be mad at me when he'd look back at the books (the books that I will one day print for him. That not really the point :p)

So, here I bring you a watermelon pink, flowery and glittery LO featuring my only son. Maybe it's more of my personality that shows through in what I do, rather than his. Points to ponder..

Out of Stock

I asked DH if he got the message in the LO, he said he didn't get it.
So, the message is: There is one of a kind boy, named Mehul. And he's Out of Stock now that we have him! LOL! Corney I know!

From Meredith Fenwick
Background, Frame on big photo, Glitter paint, Star border
From Diamante Designs
Flowers on photo, Scribble Swirls, Heart, Embroidered Paisley corner, Fabric Bows
From Michelle Coleman
Buttons, Chipboard squares, metal round
From Microferk Designs
Out of Stock and Certified Labels

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Erin said...

Funny. I have a few flowers on L's layouts, but not many. That is partly just my style (I'm not a very girly girl), and partly intentional on my part.