Monday, April 09, 2007

Oh, ignored blog

Sorry for ignoring you for a week. I was busy at work and stitching at home. I have managed to peel myself away from the laptop afterall. Didn't even check my email entire weekend!

Anyhow, I am working from home today because I fell sick over the weekend. Great. No really, it's great that it happened this weekend instead of the coming weekend, which is when I'm running the 5K!

Mehul's Artwork. He really loves doodling on paper (has never used walls for a canvas! Lucky us). Usually his doodles don't resemble anything but once in a while he comes up with something. Here are some that he's done (and I've been able to photograph!) These are all his, no help from mommy or daddy!

This one's a car.

Here's an airplane!

And a heart.

Sorry for the blurry photo. He didn't let me take this one away as he wasn't done. LOL!

He also loves to make shapes out of food. For example, if he's eating a mini-pretzel, he'll eat one side and make it into an umbrella, or 'B' or 'C'. If he's eating bread or chips, triangles or circles appear. He can count to 20 and recognizes *some* of the alphabets and a number of shapes, including a Trapezoid! Yes, I taught him that LOL! It's really fun teaching him while playing :D

Have a great week! I promise to be more around, and show an updated Angel of Love WIP.

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