Monday, May 21, 2007

Survived the weekend

but I'm not so sure about today. Mehul started having fever last night. I had to take 'Work from home' day and this is NOT a good day for that. There are issues at work that I need to deal with. I returned from the doctor's office about 1 hour ago. He had 101 temperature when the nurse checked him. It keeps going up and down and he's very cranky. She said it's just a virus and will run it's course. I'm just glad it didn't happen over the weekend with everything else.

Back to work..

*Updated in the evening* - Well, I had to call DH from work. When M woke up from his afternoon nap, his temperature was around 102, and he was acting like he was going to throw up. I had to call a (work) client in 30 minutes, so I felt like I had no choice. This work was something very important and HAD to be done today.
Poor guy was so miserable. I put him *in* his toy wagon and took him out for a walk, until DH came. He was cheered up by that. Then we had tea and bagels and he ate some as well. He's doing better now and actually played some even. Taking another nap now..

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Sene said...

Hey, poor you!! I know how difficult it becomes when kids get sick, and you have office work too.

Hope M gets well soon!!