Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm in big trouble

I need a clone of myself for this weekend. Remember my post outlining the things we had to do for the Family Room? Well, things are not going as planned. At work, we started seeing issues in our Production system that we hadn't seen in Test. We had just updated the system in Production on Monday. For those who don't speak Software, Production is basically a live system that actual users use for conducting Business. It is absolutely critical (for most systems) to be up and running or they lose money/customers. Our client is a Hospital in Florida, and this system is supposed to be a pilot for the rest of the hospital. Basically, after we do this successfully, my company will get a lot more work from them.
So after we start seeing issues, I had to work on Wednesday night to resolve them. DH had Production work of his own to do. So no painting happened that day. I could care less about that. He did one coat on Thursday. That same night, his aunt (massi) who lives in New York called to say they'll be in the area this weekend. So it was obligatory to have them over. They're coming for Sunday lunch. Friday night he had Production issues again and I was too tired to paint the second coat by myself. Obviously, this needs to be done today or else we'll have no place to seat them! Crap!

I still have something to do for a couple of hours in the Test system, but thankfully the that system is DOWN! Yay! Normally, I would not be happy about this, but if I have to do that too, I need that clone. Second coat is almost done at this time, just some touch ups left. Once it dries, we need to attach the sheer rods, and then hang the sheers and main curtains. Curtain rods are already attached so no worries there.

This is way too much stress for one weekend alone. Not to forget, I have to scrub the bathrooms and kitchen, prepare a good lunch and come up with some snacks by tomorrow. You know how it is when in-laws are visiting. Wish me luck!

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Sene said...

Hey, it's Sunday when I am reading this post. Anyways, lots and lots of luck!! Hope your lunch party is wonderful!