Wednesday, May 02, 2007

April Review

1. Run the 5K Race Done! Run time was 39:12 (not 39:20 as incorrectly noted before)
2. Increase run to 6 Miles within 80 minutes. Didn't even run 6 miles this month. Got seriously side tracked.
3. Complete and send March and April ATCs (March is way overdue!) Damn! Still have to send March and April.
4. Sow the remaining seeds. Done
5. On the Angel of Love, complete beading on Page 3. No real progress on this one.
6. *Try* to complete stitching on Page 3. Nope
7. Take Mehul to the Train park.Done

Well, I didn't do very well on the goals. I am on a reading kick right now so everything else has fallen off track. I managed to read 6 books this month(!) and re-read 1. I'm sure it is a phase but I'm really enjoying it so I don't plan on restricting myself. I also managed to send Mehul's birthday scrapbook for printing, plant the seedlings in the backyard, and .I'll try not to make too many goals this time :)

May Goals

1. Increase run to 5 Miles within 80 minutes (more reasonable goal).
2. Run atleast 30 miles in May.
3. Complete and send ATCs.
4. Water the herb garden as needed. (not much of a garden, it's just a long, narrow row of herbs in the backyard.)

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