Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I was going to respond in the comments, but then I remembered a little story so I decided to put it here. We have fan outlets, not just light ones, but fan ;) They were a touch costlier (remember, we got the house built so we got to chose what we wanted where). The house is central A/C ofcourse (I don't think there is any new construction in our area that isn't!) but sometimes, you just need the fan. Specially when I run, the AC or the little fan on the treadmill do nothing for me.

On to the story, friends of ours got their house built an year before us. They bought it right when the seller's Market was starting to come down and interest rates were going up. Their builder (different builder than ours) charged them extensively for every little thing they wanted. Their lot backs to 2 rows of trees and they were charged $50K for lot premium where as regular lots are more like $5-10K. It was extortion but they really wanted the privacy. Not much thereof because when we visited them for the first time in winter, the houses behind them were clearly visible. Anyhow, the fan outlets - they were a tad more ($275 for them, $175 for us) than regular light outlet ($225) but P was so frustrated by every little thing costing extra, he got the regular one to save where he could. We could just read the frustration on his face when he was telling us this. They ended up with the correct outlets regardless because when the house was being built, the contractor saw this and thought this was a mistake and put the correct ones. BTW, my knowledge of fan vs. electric outlets is very limited but as I understand it, they put a 2x4" rod in the fan outlet to hang the fan from. That's the only difference and since we're not handy, we just let them do it. Just goes to show how the builders extort money when the market is at its peek. Now the same builders are giving free upgrades and what not. So not fair.

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